santoor centre stage

The city of dreams shines brightly for the finalists,as they explore the many facets of Mumbai city.

Vassanthi Vukkem

When not being at her techie-geek best, Vassanthi is a die-hard shopaholic with a taste of finer things in life. Apart from being an active YouTuber and a diehard foodie, she is also a health enthusiast and believes in the transformative powers of Surya Namaskar.

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Akshatha Udupa

A chartered accountant by profession, but a film buff at heart. When she’s not crunching numbers, Akshatha is busy watching the latest Bollywood films. A quintessential South Indian girl, she prefers rasam over everything else.

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Nivedita Ingle

An all-out Pune girl, Nivedita is a content writer who believes the best ideas come to you after midnight. Her mother is an inspiration for her and her driving force. Being an animal person, she loves to be around her furry besties.

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Zonobia Safar

An IIM graduate, computer geek and super mom. Being from God’s Own Country, Zonobia believes that scenic beauty is the best therapy you can get. Her love for technology is only surpassed for her love for flowers.

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We believe that, no matter who you are, no matter where you are from, your beautiful voice is what India wants to hear!

  • Swanand Kirkire

    National award winning lyricist

  • Sameer Uddin

    Filmfare winning film score composer


Live with your heart, make it real. Don't wait for chances, no matter what you feel. A beat is all you need, now feed your soul, hear your next passion, that is your goal. Stop being in a rut, turn the page, it's time for your life, to take #SantoorCentreStage